Within first 24 hours from the moment first payment is received, the customer may cancel Idealysis Technologies service agreement (the Marketing Campaign) without cause in writing by email to hello@idealysis.com. The customer will be entitled for a full refund. The customer that wishes to cancel after first 24 hours from payment will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever. Subsequent cancellations, on successful completion of the minimum term, require 5 business days’ notice from the monthly anniversary billing date.

In event that customer wishes to cancel any time beyond first 24 hours, they may do so by sending cancellation request in writing to Customer Care by email to hello@idealysis.com. The Customer will be liable for the full price of the setup fee. Monthly fees will be charged for all completed months, all incomplete month will be rounded up to the next complete month, and the services will be provided in full for all paid months unless requested by client. The request to stop services before the completion of prepaid months does not qualify in for additional refunds.

At any time Idealysis Technologies may modify the Marketing Campaign and/or its terms, including change in the price initially charged by Idealysis Technologies for the Marketing Campaign by giving the Customer a one-week notice (hereinafter, the Notice of Change) with no liability to Idealysis Technologies, its partners, appointees or affiliates. Should the Customer choose to continue with the Marketing Campaign at the end of the one-week period since the Notice of Change was delivered to the Customer, it is understood by the parties to this agreement that the Customer has accepted the Change to the Terms and accepted the changes.

Web Design & Professional Services

Within 48 hours from the initial deposit, customer may cancel any work order requests without cause in writing by email to hello@idealysis.com. The Customer will be entitled for a full refund of the deposit. After the 48 hours, the initial work order deposit will not refundable, as the work will be considered as deemed to be under progress.