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Frenchie Shop

The company is quite forward-thinking and imaginative sellers of premium French Bulldog and Pug goods that combine Frenchie Lovers’ Fashion and Style.




Website Traffic

Their Challenges

The primary goal of this project was to increase the Website’s search engine ranking in order to attract the appropriate audience. This was necessary because by this they It was difficult to outrank the keywords of the competition on Google’s first page.

Additionally, a few other websites already held prominent positions for the challenging to rank keywords. The main objective was to be better than their keywords and appear on Google’s front page. Our key goal was to draw the right kind of audience to the website.

The Solution

The client is knowledgeable about search engine optimization and the terms it uses. As a result, he occasionally makes suggestions to us about what he wants from us.

Our client first provided us with a list of keywords we needed to concentrate on in order to rank higher. It was a little difficult because the need was to find the perfect target keyword, but our SEO specialists handled it successfully. We exerted every effort to ensure that the appropriate audience arrived at the appropriate location.

Here Are The Results

Our staff at IDEALYSIS is aware of what our clients are looking for and provides them with the necessary help employing a plan that is aimed at producing results.

Website speed

Our SEO experts use highly interactive techniques that speed up the site and make it load rapidly.

Site Security

We ensure the total security of your entire site’s data and bring outstanding ranking results without the risk of losing data.

Improved site content

Our qualified professionals assure drastic improvement in your site content by optimizing it through engaging keywords, phrases, etc., that help the site rank in the top listing.

Website Resource Development

Because web resources can be referred to using URL syntax, we use them to make or break any kind of changes for your web application.

Maintaining Staff processes

Maintaining Processes of Staff is another most crucial aspect of SEO services serving various businesses with super innovative and profit-giving optimization solutions.

Traffic over Site

We at Idealysis use super exclusive and prestigious site optimization techniques that will bring more traffic to your site and help in building customers.

Take Your Website To The Next Level To Make It Better.

Through rigorous preparation, fast delivery, and skilled, enthusiastic customer service, the platform strives for excellence. Our SEO tactics helped establish the client’s brand as being well-known for offering French Bulldog products of the highest calibre, in which we firmly believe and have been acting in the best interests of our clients.

Numerous difficult marketing strategies are used to achieve the goal. We finally saw our greatest results after months of steady work, and the majority of the website’s keywords are now listed on Google’s first page. We make a lot of effort to keep up with audience engagement on social media platforms and strong search engine result page rankings.